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Money Scripts

• What are Money Scripts?

Internalized & unconscious beliefs about what money is/is not/can do/cannot do. They are often formed in childhood & reinforced by our life experiences

Some Money Scripts include:

• Money will make me happy.
• Money is bad!
• I deserve to spend money.

Be mindful…..

• Happiness is NOT about the amount of money you have!
• It is our relationship with money that determines our good or bad experiences with it.
• Making purchases for yourself and others at the expense of saving for your future can undermine you and your family’s financial health.
• By not talking about money, we restrict ourselves from learning, growing and sharing our knowledge with our children

Your feelings about the past cannot hurt you, but they CAN imprison you. When you identify your script(s), you can transform your financial life!


• I am the C.E.O. of my financial life - financial freedom is my responsibility and my choice!
• It’s not how much money I make that’s important. It’s how much I save!
• I save often and I save well!


• Don’t put all your financial eggs in one basket!
• It’s better to tell your money where to go than to ask it where it went!
• Assets feed you; liabilities eat you.
• Creating financial freedom is simply a matter of developing the right habits!
• Being broke is a temporary financial condition; being poor is a state of mind!
• Make your money grow by putting it to work for you!


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