The NFLP is an outreach arm of the Central Bank whose primary function is spreading financial management and financial awareness to its core target audience - members of the public. The message of the NFLP is transmitted in several ways, ranging from group presentations to the production of articles and other forms of public education material. 


1. Letter requesting a session on an Official Letter Head addressed to:
Mr. Dominic Stoddard
Financial Services Ombudsman
Office of the Financial Services Ombudsman
1st Floor, Central Bank Building
Eric Williams Plaza
Independence Square
Port of Spain

2. State your TENTATIVE date and time of the session/s.

3. Venue and the number of persons who would be attending the session. NOTE: A minimum of Thirty (30) participants are required to attend the session.

4. You are required to make a Laptop, Projector, Screen and/or Flipchart available for your session.

5. You are required to complete/fill out a REGISTRATION LIST on the day of the Session and return it to the NFLP.

6. You and your participants are also required to complete/fill out a FEEDBACK FORM and return it to the NFLP upon completion of the session.

7. Specify which of the following Topics or Themes listed below you want addressed at the session; (kindly state any other topics of interest not included the list)

- Money Management (e.g. Financial Goal Setting, Budgeting)
- Saving and Investing
- Retirement Planning
- Home Ownership
- Risk Management

8. Please feel free to contact us for any further clarification at:
1 868 621-CBTT (2288) Ext 2815 or Fax: 1 868 612-6314 

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